Easy-Play Guitars

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We wanted to create a range of instruments celebrating the fun side of home made music and encouraging further creativity.

Our Easy-Play-Along guitars have the names of the chords played at each fret burned into the fretboard. As the guitars are "open tuned" placing a finger across all the strings in any fret gives a "power-chord" using the letters in the fretboard as a guide it's possible to get started playing along with a songbook or friends straight away. 
What's more you need only use one finger on the fretting hand placed flat across all the strings - no complicated chord shapes  to remember - there's never been an easier way to get started!

Wine box guitars - bigger than cigar boxes offer more scope for creative expression and we've made a range of easy play-along wine boxes which you can paint, pack and play yourself! Our plain boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood and are great fun to paint or decorate in any way you'd like. They have a carry handle suitable for wall hanging and can still carry two bottle of your choice. When everyone's swimming in wine gift bags at Christmas why not turn up with  the most unusual wine carrier and get the carol singing started! 

Our hinged wine boxes (again FSC certified) carrying cherry or maple and cherry necks have been fitted up with dual piezo rigs in the lid and a volume control allowing amplification. 

We've also got a few decorative sliding wine boxes which we have hand-painted and fitted with poplar necks.