About Us

Brothers Joseph and Richard O'Connor have been making and playing Cigar Box Guitars for over three years.  We make instruments which are great fun to play and retain a primal feel while showing off the boxes and materials used to their best advantage. More than 200 instruments down the line we continue to make all our guitars using only hand-tools, it requires patience and time but helps ensure each instrument is still unique.

We believe the cigar box guitar movement is growing because it allows easy access to the pleasure of making music yourself and we are dedicated to making instruments which allow people to get back in touch with the roots of homemade music

Forget the auto-tune, ditch the performance, abandon the celebrity and remember why people through the ages have always found a way to make music. Because it FEELS GOOD!

Thanks for visiting, keep on rockin’!

Richard and Joseph O'Connor
Diddley Bros